Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Recycled packaging tape I am thinking of doing something with the empty packaging tapes that
I have been collecting  for sometime now.
Planning to make a trinket box out of it or maybe it can be used as a gift box too!
So first I start by choosing co ordinated  pattern papers for this project and also some unused cardboard boxes...which I am going to cut and use for the base and lid of the box!
So here we go...I cut 2 circles for these and stick pattern papers on the inside and outside of the tape and before adhering the paper to the lid...I fix a small strip of canvas from the back to the top of the lid with hot glue. This enables the flip open mechanism for the lid!

Now stick the pattern papers on the lid and the base circle. The base circle can be stuck to the tape with hot glue again. I wonder I would have done if I dint know about this hot glue!I love it .
Oops...forgot to mention. Before sticking paper on top of the lid...I have used another strip of canvas in the front which will enable the lid to flip open.
 Once all the sticking is done, comes the embellishing part. For this i have used a beaded lace, which again with the help of a glue gun I have stuck it on the rim of the lid. This covers the ugly edge of the cardboard. Then my personal favourites...handmade flowers  come to my rescue. The top of the lid has a few flowers sitting proudly with some leaves protruding here and there. Finally I fix the Velcro fastener in the front flap. ?...the lid is now secure! The flap is also embelished with a simple flower and a button.
And here it is....a nice little box! Hope u enjoyed reading this as much as I loved making It!

I am entering the Lessology challenge- Packaging Central


  1. I love this box! pretty flowers!

  2. These are really pretty. Love how clever you were with the mechanism for the lid. And the blooms are gorgeous!

    Thanks for joining us at LESSology...please include a link to the challenge!

  3. Thanks again Yyam...i am new to blogging and this is really encouraging.

  4. This is so pretty, I love the blooms.

  5. Loveeeeeeeee this!! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!