Thursday, 23 March 2017


Good morning!
It’s THURSDAY and as promised I am here with a PLAID inspiration. Before that, I want to share a good news with you… I am now the EXCLUSIVE DESIGNER for PLAID at CRAFTERS CORNER and I will be here every Thursday with a different product highlight, tutorial and projects using PLAID products. Isn’t that exciting and if that is not enough I have something more to add to the excitement…which I will reveal at the END OF THE POST.
So let’s start with the Product for today…It’s the MODGE MELTER and MELT STICKS.
This new melter from Plaid has a unique design and body. It has a built in stand and a silicon body for easy grip and also has a trigger on the top which enables easy flow of the melted wax on pressing!
The unique design enables you to hold the melter nozzle down and at the same time press the trigger on top. Its as easy as that.
I have used the MILK GLASS WHITE melt sticks for this project. The stick needs to be inserted while the melter is ON and after 5mins you can see the was oozing out and you are ready to start. I took out all the silicon molds that I had and started filling them.
Here I have inserted a few brads immediately after the wax is squeezed, this way the brad gets a hold into the wax and is securely fixed! 
Isn’t that a great way to make your own CUSTOM BRADS!
As always there are sticky issues when you handle waxes and you can see a lot of drippage on the mat. But look closely and I have used the SILICON MAT too from Modge Podge and removing these sticky residues is childs play. Just pull it off!
Here are all the molds filled up with milky white melts…
After 5mins of cooling down, it is an easy pull from the mold and here is how all of them look together. 
I am loving pure white look…given a choice, I would love to leave them like this but I thought I will experiment in the coloring too…not restricting myself only to acrylics.
Here I have used ALCHOHOL INKS to color…I just poured a few drops directly on top and just gave a swirl and let it dry naturally. 
I like the natural shading of light and dark tones of the alcohol inks!
Here I have used FOLK ART acrylic paints and have also done some 2 tomes and shading. These are bright and colorful.
Here too I have used the acrylics but as wash and given a distressed look. You know by now how much I love this effect.
BUT my personal favorite is using the CHALK PAINTS to give and antique and vintage look.
 Have a look at these aged, by gone findings…I mean, they look priceless!
So let me know which style of coloring is your fancy? There are still a lot more which I have not colored and would like to use them just as is or I don’t know…lets see( wink, wink).
Here are the finished projects with these colored ones….
I made a few fridge magnets and also a little one with a paper clip to hold tiny paper scraps.
 I am always looking for paper bits to write drown my grocery list, lol! This is sure going to help me.
I also made a pair of VINTAGE PAPER CLIPS for my Journals. I love making those.
And here I made a neck piece for my little princess…she is growing up and I thought I will make something other than the girlie pink, lol!
 And finally the brads…ready to hit any of my projects. So handy these are!
These magnets do add color to my fridge…how I wish I had a white one!
So lovelies, that brings us to the end of this product highlight. Do let me know if you have any queries relating to this product and I will get back to you asap.

As promised here is the other excitement I want to share with you.

I urge you all to try this product and share your makes and inspiration using THE PRODUCT OF THE WEEK, the modge melts. You can then share all your makes with #playwithplaid until next Thursday.

Next week I will see you with another product highlight .

Until my next crative journey,
Happy crafting and recycling,



  1. This is so awesome to create your own embellishments...Lovely demonstration of the product..

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  2. love that pendent the most Rupa and the idea of embedding the brads in the hot melts !! beautiful embellishments !!

  3. Awesome your experiments on coloring with diff mediums..try one using embossing powder and emboss.. :) Have a great day :)

  4. It looks a great product. You created some awesome pieces and showed us many ideas. I loved the pendant you made for your daughter.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Looks fabulous Tofa, and the Mold & Modge melts are on my wish list, even more now I've seen what you've created with them and the brads are a fantastic idea x